Instill an Appreciation of the Outdoors to Your Kids

When I was actually a kid, my mom and dad told my brother and me to go out and be and play home by dinner. I’m nostalgic for those days, although i realize that which was a vastly different time. I feel as if it’s increasingly more unlikely that a kid will be brought up ever hearing those words from his parents’ mouth. Kids are playing increasingly more video games and by and large becoming less acquainted with the fantastic outdoors. That’s why it’s so important for all of us parents to create the extra effort to teach our children an appreciation for the great outdoors. It’s important for environmental surroundings to have more and more people advocate on its behalf, although the natural world is becoming more and more difficult to find and it’s not just important for our kids to appreciate it.

Fortunately for us, there’s an abundance of wonderful outdoor areas nearby in which to inspire that appreciation. One problem is getting there. If you possess the right vehicle, It’s really no problem whatsoever. The 2014 entourage of Chrysler cars and trucks is perhaps all you really need to think about when it comes to buying something new. The Chrysler Country and Town is the best car for the family to savor. It’s huge, it’s practical and most importantly, it’s safe. If you’re looking for a new car, please go no beyond chrysler dealer san diego or OC Auto and choose through the inspired variety of beautiful models that Chrysler has to offer.

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Once you have the correct kid friendly car, the planet truly can be your oyster. Figuratively. I remember spending my summers at the beach every day. I would wade in the tide pools looking for critters, and others long, sunny days have helped shape the man I am today. Southern California has wonderful beaches, and a few gems with great tide pools. I like to go to a beach called Pescadore. It’s located up the Pacific Coast Highway near the county line between Los Angeles County and Ventura County. The waves are never too intimidating, and the soft sand is the perfect place to build sand castles and explore for crabs. I also often see sea urchins and starfish. It really is similar to a field trip for the whole family.

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Griffith Park also has a lot to provide. Located right in the middle of Hollywood, Griffith Park is the largest city park in the country. It has its own zoo, its own equestrian center as well as the world famous Griffith Observatory. Though it’s practically in our own backyard, it gives you immense bio diversity and beautiful vistas by which to appreciate the entire city! I often go there with friends to hike or picnic and like the sun.

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It’s extremely important that as parents, we instill the right values in your children. Inside an ever increasingly fragile world, appreciating it really is more and more important.