Tips for Driving Safely in the Glare of the Sun

Although nothing beats a drive on a lovely sunny day, the sunshine can cause a variety of problems if you’re not ready for it. In case you are only blinded for a couple of seconds it can lead to accidents, in the winter time the sun is lower in the sky and can cause real trouble – even. In the summer time the sunshine is higher in the sky but can still cause problems if you’re not prepared to deal with the heat as well as the glare.


Here are a few useful tips about how to enjoy driving within the sunshine safely:

Driving in Low Sun

When the sun is lower in the sky through the winter it may often shine right on the attention-line of the driver which may cause serious problems. It can be tiring and you need to really concentrate just to be able to anticipate what’s going on in the road ahead. Even pulling your sun visor down probably won’t help; it could block your take a look at the road without blocking out of the glare of the sun.

If you fail to completely block out the glare you’d better pop on a pair of sunglasses – you must keep a pair handy in a car at all times through the summer and the winter time. If the sun catches onto a dirty windshield, additionally you need make your windshield clean and nice always -you will have a greater possibility of being dazzled. Keep the washer bottles topped up and maintain the glass as clean as possible. Make sure that your wipers will be in good condition too – should they simply smear the water and then make things worse then you need to change them. Ultimately if you are experiencing difficulity seeing as you drive in low sun remember to decrease.


If you are blinded by a sun glare from behind you shining within your rear view mirror this may cause problems too, particularly if you are driving on the busy road with lots of other vehicles. Keep a close eye on any vehicles behind you – they may not be able to watch you clearly just as you might not get a clear view of the vehicles in the front. Don’t depend on your rear view mirror; remember that one could always look over your shoulder to check out any blind spots before making a maneuver.

Glaring sunshine on the road ahead is another tricky situation which you may have to cope with and possibly by far the most difficult of most. The only reply to this type of situation is to slow down and ensure that you have plenty of time and energy to react to anything which comes up on the road ahead. This is another occasion when a good pair of sunglasses can aid you to drive safely, particularly if you choose polarized sunglasses which are specifically made for driving.

Driving in High Sun

In order to shield your eyes in the glare in the summer sun, once again you might need to utilize a great pair of sunglasses. If you drive a convertible car with all the hood top you might reap the benefits of a sunhat (make sure that it’s a good fit) as well as a pair of sunglasses. Don’t forget to slap on the sun cream too for extra protection.


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